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Terms and Conditions 

Terms and Conditions for Elev8 U Coaching - Coaching Packages

 Effective Date: Jan 2024 


 Welcome to Elev8 U Coaching! These Terms and Conditions govern coaching package purchase, utilization, and conditions. By engaging, you agree to these terms.

 1. Package Purchase:

 1.1 Details:

 Package specifics, including session count, duration, and features, will be provided at purchase.

1.2 Payment Authorization:

 Clients authorize Elev8 U Coaching to charge package fees using the provided payment method.

2. Scheduling and Utilization:

 2.1 Booking:

 Clients schedule sessions through the website or by contacting our team.

2.2 Session Period:

 Sessions must be used within the specified timeframe. Unused sessions may expire.

2.3 Rescheduling and Cancellation:

 The Booking, Rescheduling, No-Show, Cancellation, and Waitlist Policy applies.

3. Package Upgrades and Downgrades: 

3.1 Upgrades:

Inquire about upgrading, subject to availability and payment of the price difference.

3.2 Downgrades:

Downgrading is generally not allowed. Discuss options with Elev8 U Coaching.

4. Package Exclusivity:

 4.1 Single Client Use:

 Packages are for a single client. Sharing is not allowed.

5. Extension and Refunds: 

5.1 Extension:

 Extensions considered case-by-case.

5.2 Refund Policy:

 No Refund Policy applies post-purchase.

6. Transferability: 

6.1 Non-Transferable:

 Packages are non-transferable.

7. Termination of Services:

 7.1 Unused Sessions:

 In termination, unused sessions may be forfeited. No Refund Policy applies.

8. Changes to Packages:

 8.1 Modifications:

Elev8 U Coaching reserves the right to modify package details. Clients will be notified.

9. Governing Law:

 9.1 Jurisdiction:

 Governed by the laws of Saskatchewan, Canada.

10. Contact Information: 1-877-214-7100

 For inquiries or concerns, contact Elev8 U Coaching at

Thank you for choosing Elev8 U Coaching. We look forward to supporting your growth!

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